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About Framptonfoundation

Our Background

“Here today to change tomorrow."

The Frampton Foundation is a nonprofit that helps shine a light on the young adults through sports to help them achieve academically and through life. The Frampton foundation is about bridging the gap between hard-work with an incentive. The incentive is the game of sports in any area whether it’s basketball, football, soccer, etc. Our goal is to find a creative way to show young adults how to be successful in life with areas such as financial planning, building credit, getting into college, and finding a job. In addition to this we offer angel shopping services for the elderly, handicapped, and those who are physically disable. We have several other philanthropic services that include:

-Graffiti clean up

-Beach trash clean up

-Feeding the homeless

-Providing the less fortunate with shoes and clothes

-Issuing school supplies 

​-Self Defense courses

Understanding the value of mentorship we've created a program where kids can have access to professional athletes, business owners, and successful entrepreneurs to create avenues of success outside of athletics.

Creating opportunities and giving back is entrenched in to the fabric and DNA of every single individual working with "The Frampton Foundation". We understand the graveness and impingement we have on the youth, and it is a duty of ours to help forge humble and successful boys and girls and turn them into first class human beings.


To Whom it May Concern,

Dwayne Frampton partnered with us to implement this 5 week program in the Spring of 2018. The program offered a powerful and life changing experience for the young men who participated. Mr. Frampton facilitated mentoring sessions where the young men were able to discuss career planning, goal setting, conflict resolution, mental health and personal development. They were encouraged to journal their thoughts as a method of self-analysis and reflection. As a result, some of the participants who were experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts were able to redirect their energy and move forward with a better sense of purpose and self-esteem.  


In addition, the young men were introduced to the trade of barbering through an apprenticeship program. They worked under the guidance of a licensed barber and gained exposure to the craft.  This empowered them with marketable skills.  Finally, Mr. Frampton developed a partnership with BMW which gave the students good business insight. BMW provided transportation for the young men for their field trip activities.  During and after their participation in the program, the young men's attendance and grades improved. The cumulative GPA for the team increased from 2.7 to 3.2.  


In closing, the Framp Camp Incentivized Program is an excellent resource for any school or school district. Dwayne Frampton is articulate, energetic and professional. He connects well with the students, and provides a supportive and encouraging environment for them to excel. As a result, he has earned my most enthusiastic recommendation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.   



Irvin L. Davis

Athletic Director

Dorsey High School




Irvin Davis

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“Framp is more than just a trainer. He’s like a big brother to us all. His mindset and leadership make me want to be better not only at football but at life. And he always preaches GOD first”

Brendan Radley-Hiles


“What Framp has done for the youth not only in sports but how he has developed their minds and the way they are starting to look at life is nothing short of a blessing. I’m very proud of my little cousin and how he used his platform to not only change lives but save them.”

Desean Jackson 


“What coach Framp did for us was amazing. It’s something that we will never forget and something that we will want to be apart for years to come.”

Hawthorne High School


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